Thursday, September 07, 2006

Silly pic

LEFT HEAD: Oh quick, get the sword out. I want to cut his head off!
RIGHT HEAD: Oh, cut your own head off!
MIDDLE HEAD: Yes, do us all a favour!
RIGHT HEAD: Yapping on all the time.
MIDDLE HEAD: You're lucky. You're not next to him.
LEFT HEAD: What do you mean?
MIDDLE HEAD: You snore.
LEFT HEAD: Oh I don't -- anyway, you've got bad breath.
MIDDLE HEAD: Well it's only because you don't brush my teeth.
RIGHT HEAD: Oh stop bitching and let's go have tea.
LEFT HEAD: All right, all right, all right. We'll kill him first and then have tea and biscuits.
RIGHT HEAD: Oh, but not biscuits.
LEFT HEAD: All right, all right, not biscuits, but let's kill him anyway.

I was tagged by Tely. The object is to post a silly picture of yourself (preferably taken within the last few years) and tag others. I tag Bips, Bilu, 2gi, Apurva, TVAC, Satyaki, Nishit and Amrita, and solemnly resolve to avoid other tags in the future.

(California, 2006. With thanks to GC, JC, TG, EI, TJ, MP and Apple Computers, champions of silly pictures worldwide.)


Nishit said...

Monty Python Amar rahe...

Holy Grail Amar rahe...

expiring_frog said...

@nishit: Ha ha hee hee... you just got tagged too. [evil laughter]

olidhar said...

i was looking for other things, but hee hee.

olidhar said...

the resemblance is striking, btw.

expiring_frog said...

@amrita: To what or who? And I tag you too. Touche.

olidhar said...

to father.
and blow you, i thought you were avoiding tags, and all that righteous rubbish.
me go hunt.

bilu said...

I like the one on the right. Is he single?

expiring_frog said...

@bilu: No, he has the one on the left. But he also has soft, succulent flesh.

Nishit said...

Yes, I did notice that. :) It's just that when you have a lot to choose from you get confused. and that's precisely what has happened :D

Abhishek said...

well...they're (the both of 'em) silly all right :P