Sunday, April 09, 2006

Random snaps

From San Jose and Stanford:

And today I finally sold my soul to the devil and photographed the tourist "ishpot" in Stanford -- the Oval, with the Memorial Quad and the Memorial Church beyond it. This place is filled all day with click-happy tourists (mostly, for some reason, South-East Asian) and sunbathers. It's not uncommon to spot a wedding party either. And that phallic symbol is the Hoover Tower, named after Herbert Hoover, one of those US presidents who didn't go to war in Iraq.


Rita said...

Nice pics! I like the first one best :)

expiring_frog said...

@rita: Tenku.

chitra said...

are those pullovers some kind of sorority uniform??

and the man on the pavement - is he a ventriloquist - the picture is a li'l fuzzy.

Me liked the baby pic too :P

expiring_frog said...

@chitra: Gawd knows. I was too dazed by the colour combo to think clearly.

The man in the middle of the road (not the pavement) was an old guy carrying some stuff somewhere. He dropped it halfway across and had bent to pick it up. Sorry abt the fuzziness... I wasn't quite quick enough on the draw.

The baby pic... aarggghhhh... what is it with these women :P?

DD said...

abar, shundor.

perthom chhobi ta bhalo.

Shreyansh said...

So u use a Pentax. I like ur pics.

Hey I have a photostream in Flickr.
Chk it out here
It is pretty usual stuff. Kodak LS 753 doesnt give much room for experimentation.

Btw , what do u suggest as my next camera ( which obviously wouldnt happen before atleast a couple of years). I am quite fascinated by
Canon EOS 350D and Nikon D70.What do u say?
And howz ur experience with ur pentax so far?

Rapid I Movement said...

one of those US presidents who didn't go to war in Iraq...
and then there are a couple of other US presidents, who quite accidentally missed out on serving the National Guard in wars which they did support...

Rapid I Movement said...

Flickr-e tor notun chobi gulo dekhlum...B&W-r maadhur-jo-tai aalada. Loved all of them. Though must also say that de-saturated B&W ta aamar ektu jaali jaali money hoy:)
ps: The kid's fotu needs cropping on the lhs. Otherwise it's beeutifool.

expiring_frog said...

@dd: Tenku.

@shreyansh: Nice pics on Flickr. Have added you as a contact. The Pentax is good for me bcos it's the cheapest :P, the smallest, and has some of the best fast prime lenses in the industry available for it. I do a lot of low-light street stuff, so this is nice. You could check out these reviews, which pretty much echo my thoughts: Review 1, Review 2. In short, it fits my purse, my hand and my philosophy, which may not correspond to yours. The 350D and D70 (also the D50) are very good cameras. I handled them all and the Pentax felt most comfy.

But why bother abt all that now? Two years is like two decades in the digital age, man!

@r-i-m: Haan amaro ektu jaali jaali mone hoye, kintu with proper post-processing you can get a really "film-like" effect, so at least viewers needn't know. Have you seen this guy's fotus? He has a show in SF at the end of this month, pics here. Apart from the fact that the fotus are great, he manages to get a very trad look with digital B&W... he mentioned his procedure on some Pentax forum -- will fwd it when I find it.

Hehe re Presidents :).

Ota crop kora ektu chaaper... korar cheshta korechhilam, kintu kachher post-ta baad pore jachchhe and that seems to ruin the balance. My roomie has this positive genius for wandering into the frame and mucking up the shot :P.

Shreyansh said...

WoW !
Thanx for the reviews.
The second one particularly was interesting.

One thing I noticed was that the Pentax camera has 200 as it's min ISO setting. And I thought 100 was the normal setting. Even my camera has 80 as its lowest sensitivity.
No more comparisons for obvious reasons. :P

As for bothering you NOW , I was just trying to build up my excitement of buying a camera two years hence. :P
It sure did enhance my knowledge. was the site I used to follow until now.
Btw (bugging u further) can you tell me of some other good sources,you came across, for a newbie like me.

expiring_frog said...

@shreyansh: Let's take this offline: mail or messenger?

Shreyansh said...

You can mail me at
I will add you on yahoo.
Btw I am gonna sleep after a
purposeless nightout. So in case you are awake right now , I might not be online.

Anonymous said...

How do you convert snaps into B&W using Adobe Photoshop? Going to Image-Mode-Greyscale gives it a different look from that of B&W photos taken with a film camera.

expiring_frog said...

@bhooter raja: I've seen this produce great results (e.g. here). Never used it myself, but that's because I've been too lazy to get a copy of PS.

Kele Panchu said...

Prothom chhobitir ki naam deyoa jete paare 'Chakrabuhye Shishu'? Uniform pora mohilara o besh nojor kaRha...rangeeen aikatan.

expiring_frog said...

@kele panchu: Gurudeb apni namkoron korle ami ki kore nakoch kori?

Anonymous said...

hey there sidc!

u r an awesome photographer. I would really like to learn it from you :)


expiring_frog said...

@anon: Thanks.

Erythrocyte said...

hi mumurshu monduk
wasn't the hoover tower the site of a shootout by some weirdo in the seventies?

expiring_frog said...

@rbc (nice nick, and what a pleasant surprise :)): Don't know about 70's shootout, but the prez who did go to war in Iraq was stopped from attending a power meeting at the Hoover Tower by a thousand-strong protest crew a few weeks ago.