Friday, January 13, 2006


... on the cover of a DVD of "Mr. and Mrs. Iyer":
... One Is a Married Traditional South Indian Brahmin Mrs. Meenakshi Iyer. The Other, a Suave Single Wildwife Photographer...
If you've seen the film, I guess the typo is even funnier. I wish I was Rahul Bose.


Nishit said...


DD said...

with my haloo mind i read your post at least five times in the morning but could not find the typo out.

Kele Panchu said...

@DD >>>>*"Wildwife"* photographer :) I'd to read it more than twice to figure it out.

nibaron chokkotti said...

he mor prothom tipponikar ei ontorjale
tomay oshesh dhonnobad janai je ki bole!
Prem-i oporichito naam, bole gechhen je Eliot
Taito bishom sneher gnutoy nibaron kore chhotphot
oshojhhyo agneyo kaamije kobihridoy bondi
jabaar shomoy holo eibaar, o go pratiddwandi