Monday, January 23, 2006

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

All India Radio's archival releases of Ustad Allauddin Khan now playing on Besur Betal Betar. Jaijayanti, Emni Bilawal, Gara, Paraj Basant, Malhar ke Prakar, Chhayanat, Puriya Dhaneshree, Alhaiya Bilawal, Basant and Bhairavi. All recordings are from 1959-60, and most are approximately half an hour long.

Went skiing over the weekend at Lake Tahoe, as a rank novice. Fell over a number of times (which was fun) but also managed clean runs and very gentle parallels on the easy slopes (which was better). Nice drives out and back, with some hairily skiddy stretches on thin snow (esp. at night when the dividers on the road were well-nigh invisible). Carson Pass was high, cold and snowy. Our cabin porch was overhung with a row of long icicles and everything pretty much everywhere for miles around was buried in billowing piles of snow.


el rel said...

Question: where is Lake Tahoe? Is there snow in California?

if you go skiing in california
don't say i didn't warn ya
should you break a limb
while attempting to skim
over what seems quite firm to the cornea

Alternative answer: Nevada

If you're asked to go skiing in Nevada
Much better to say 'nada, nada'
Rather than expose
Your nose to the snows
Bury it in a Pina Colada

Teleute said...

you hot stud skiing person, you!


Kele Panchu said...

Your governor fell from his bike, so you're excused!

expiring_frog said...

@kele panchu: Indeed. Apparently he also fell from his bike after his first real workout in 1962 :).