Wednesday, November 01, 2006

When all are one and one is all

The crummy old sound system, the new Bose, the crowded audi, the riotous Egyptian/ballroom dancing/crawling behind the band, the weird noises from the music club at night, the corny songs, the smashhit songs, the catcalls... it's good to know at least some of that still lives on.

It was a fun four years. And you rocked again this Diwali, guys.

Pegu, Harshat, Riaz et al. at Gurgaon:
Mora Sainyan (Fuzon)
Dooba Dooba (and just a bit of Smoke on the Water :P)

... and Biplab, Dipanjan et al. at Pittsburgh:
Maa Rewa


olidhar said...

that last song is quite delicious. learning.

Mrutyunjaya Panda said...

A small factual correction... the performance was at Delhi.. with Harshat performing again the next week at the football field (thanks to requests from the female members present)!

chitra said...

hey!! Harshat Pant used to be my colleague :)

I remember him singing half-drunk at our parties.. felt good to see the video.. thanks

Bhooter Raja said...

When will your radio station be up and running again? Are there any other radio stations playing North Indian Classical Music?

expiring_frog said...

@bhooter raja: It's up. I know one other, but it's not public.