Saturday, July 29, 2006

Sea-level is at 4000m :)

That, at least, was the recurring joke on our just-concluded trek across Kalindikhal (5947m), a glaciated pass connecting the pilgrimage towns of Gangotri and Badrinath in the Garhwal Himalayas. It's hard, long, beautiful, and strictly not to be tried at home. Am back in Gurgaon now, and there's definitely too much oxygen in the air here. More pictures and report coming in a week.

(Update: The broadband is finally here, but certain personal matters will keep me from Blogger for a couple more days. Apologies to all who've been waiting for pics. They'll be here soon, I promise.)

Group at Kalindikhal
L to R, Back row: Ajay, Vladlen, Vishnu, Happy, Vishnoi, Panda, Chandru, Panditji
Front row: Me, Chhote Govind, Bade Govind, Balbir, Gagan, Narendra
Not in picture: Mahavir


Nishit said...

hey sid, you are at India? looks like you enjoyed the trip!!! waiting for more pics

olidhar said...

waiting, waiting.

Rapid I Movement said...

Fundoo, man!

Anonymous said...

nice pics. tui ki paharere opar gach peyechilis charar jonyo!!



expiring_frog said...

@nishit: Yeah, in India, till Aug 21.

@amrita: Wait a week.

@r-i-m: Yes it was.

@abhirup: Ki aar korbo, treeline-er opore shudhu borof aar budo angul chushte holo.

jhantu said...

where is thou advisor son??

jhantu said...

ohh its vladlen is it?

expiring_frog said...

@jhantu: Yep.

olidhar said...


but in all fairness, i really should complain a little less, for i have been allowed to sneak a preview here, and vasuki and satopanth look beautiful. want the report now, though.

Rapid I Movement said...

Ditto above (as in, chanced upon getting to visit some wonderful terrains out here too). And your Flickr page is long dormant too.

And oh, we should do that Yosemite thingy sometimes. I saw a real AA print finally:

expiring_frog said...

@amrita: Blame BSNL: the broadband cnxn is still in a state of limbo (the password is expected today, but...) and dialup sucks for uploading pics.

@r-i-m: I don't think that's exactly what she meant, but where did you go? Yes, we should really do that Y thingy.

olidhar said...

suggest use little brother. who has already volunteered, by the way.