Friday, December 02, 2005

A few quick plugs

  • Tony Dummett's poor imitations of Cartier-Bresson. Not HCB, but not that poor, you'll notice. And this one from another folder is a scream.
  • David Malcomson has a lot of consistently good portraits.
  • Bill Hocker's gallery and his homepage: among the best travel photographs I've seen online.
  • Zishaan Hayath's photoblog (check the archives). I really like this sort of slice-of-life photography, and hey, he likes 50mm too :). He also has a nice article on how to get started clicking photos, but since I'm going to religiously avoid linking to tutorials here, you can find it yourself. I envy the bugger clicking away in Bombay -- the places in Kanpur which I found really photogenic (the ramshackle stretch from Parade Chauraha to the station and some other nearby localities) were also the places I was too nervous to shoot in.
And finally (shameless self-promotion) I've uploaded a lot of new photos to Flickr, specifically the last 30-odd in the People photoset. These were taken during a very cold trip to Kausani, near Almora, in early 2005 (some are from an arbit little station outside Kanpur on the return leg when our train had to stop because someone had messed with the fishplates). We took along a ton of equipment to shoot the range in the full moon, but clouds scuppered that plan and I consoled myself clicking people. An off-season trip like this is highly recommended for a very different, raw, ochre-russet-and-mist look of the hills, by the way.


DD said...

though i am not the right person to appreciate photography, bhalo laglo..:)

expiring_frog said...

Tenku. Have just discovered a most excellent photoblog. Will plug it soon.