Tuesday, March 15, 2005

I'll start this off without any words...

... of my own.

Can I view thee panting, lying
On thy stomach, without sighing;
Can I unmoved see thee dying
On a log,
Expiring frog!

Say, have fiends in shape of boys,
With wild halloo, and brutal noise,
Hunted thee from marshy joys,
With a dog,
Expiring frog!

(Charles Dickens, "The Pickwick Papers")

I had forgotten how the frogs must sound
After a year of silence, else I think
I should not have ventured forth alone
At dusk upon this unfrequented road.
I am waylaid by Beauty. Who will walk
Between me and the crying of the frogs?
Oh, savage Beauty, suffer me to pass,
that am a timid woman, on her way
From one house to another!

(Edna St. Vincent-Millay, "Assault")


Lancelot said...

well, wonder why you didnt add any words of your own after the post!!! just got here from DD's blog... just curious...r u THE one from IIT-K??

expiring_frog said...

@lancelot: Because
a) I find writing abt myself and my opinions on a daily basis fraud :).
b) I'm rarely in the mood for posts of any other nature.
c) There was actually another (self-composed) post which I deleted because it looked so aantel.

Though I'm thinking of continuing my Russian novel (:P) in installments here. You might see it coming in the next few days.

And yes, I'm one of many from IITK.

expiring_frog said...

Follow up: Have decided to do something with this blog after all, and get over my feeling of (a).

Thanks Lancelot!

trivial said...

And Pico's (Siddhartha-da) romance with frog continues......
Good to see you going great guns in Stanford.
Just wanna say, please BLOG it out what you feel like.....your comments are still invaluable to us as it used to be 4 years ago (in the church situated in 30, Park Street...for me SXC is a CHURCH).....Take care.

expiring_frog said...

Hey trivial, thanks for the comments, but do I know you? Mail me if you want to maintain anonymity :)